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Constru Casa works in collaboration with local social work organizations all over Guatemala. These organizations work in the areas of education, health and community development. We are able to compliment each organizations respective mission by providing the foundation from which each family can begin to improve their lives. We maintain close relationships with our partner social work organizations, from the selection of beneficiary families, to the planning and execution of the follow-up programs after construction.

For more information on how we work with our partner organizations, please go to our How we work section.

Or download a list of our partner social work organizations to learn about our strategic alliances.


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Family Story

A home of their own

Jorge Pineda Sales Sumar AlimentosJorge Alberto Pineda can now sleep soundly at night knowing that his family is safe and well provided for. Previously Jorge and his wife Odilia rented one room together with their young children, son Manuel (6) and daughter Estefany (2). In this one room the family of four slept, cooked and ate.

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Amaury´s #LuckyMonth!


Amaury from Belgium tells us about his #LuckyMonth visiting Guatemala.  He shares his experience building better lives for three families in Santa Cruz Balanyá, building a school in Cuidad Vieja, all the while exploring the sites of Guatemala on the weekends!

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