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In Guatemala, and Central America in general, there is an emphasis on family and community life. Constru Casa strives to empower families and communities by lifting them out of extreme poverty. This occurs with the construction of safe and sustainable housing, as well as working with partner organizations to ensure access to healthcare, education, and social support.

Doña Karina Garcia and Family, San Miguel Milpas Altas

clip image002Doña Karina, her husband Don José and their three young children were living in one room borrowed from family members. The home made of wood and sheets of tin had a crumbling cement floor. They had no running water, no lights, no proper bathroom, and sometimes had problems sharing the use of a kitchen located next door.

Constru Casa was able to provide them with a new house in collaboration with donors, University of Nebraska volunteers, Common Hope and the family themselves. This new house is a safe and clean living environment, ensuring their children are healthy and able to attend school on a daily basis.

They have taken this opportunity to move forward and build for themselves better lives outside of extreme poverty. 



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Other families, like that of Doña Karina, deserve the opportunity to see for themselves and their children a better future. Unfortunately, the family of Don Roberto Vasquez Flores is still waiting to be given this chance.

For more information on how to support this family please contact : or see How you can help.


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