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meet-our-family2As a non-profit, non-government organization, the invaluable work of Constru Casa in constructing homes and providing a holistic approach to lifting families out of poverty through support in health, education and social work programs, relies heavily on outside contributions.

The spirit and activism of our Donors and Volunteers is what makes the work of Constru Casa a success- and without your help the 617 houses that we have built to date would not have been possible.  However, the situation in Guatemala is such that there is so much work still to do, so many families that are still living in situations that are hazardous to their health, security and well-being. With this in mind, we implore you to consider the case of Patricia Jimenez and her family, to reflect upon your own living standards, and consider being a Constru Casa donor or volunteer- what can you do to help this family?

meet-our-family1Patricia and José are loving parents to five children, aged 16, 14, 12, 10 and 6 years and have been working hard to improve their living situation. Though they are a hard working family, economic obstacles mean the family has struggled to attain their own living space (previously sharing with three other families), and are currently residing in a dwelling patched together with pieces of plastic, material, wood and tin. They have a dirt floor, no drainage system and still have to share one toilet with three other families.

Currently, the family are surviving solely on the income of José, who makes and paints mortuary boxes for Q1200 or US$150 per month. Patricia is unable to work as she must stay at home and care for their 16 year old son, Wilmer, who suffers from seizures and has special needs.  The medicine required to control Wilmer’s seizures also places a strain on the family income and even the cost of the bus ticket to take Wilmer to a special clinic for therapy became too expensive. The family are currently working with our partner organization, Transitions, to try and move forward with Wilmer’s therapy, and despite their economic hardship, are determined to keep all their other children in school.

meet-our-family3This family is one example of many in need in Guatemala- living in extremely difficult circumstances but working hard and willing to bring themselves out of poverty, they are just in need of a helping hand from those more fortunate. To find out how you can be of assistance, please look under ‘How you can help’ in the menu bar, or contact

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