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Happy Families in El Recreo

Las Flores El RecreoLidia Liseth Poron's eyes fill with tears when she describes her family's prior living conditions. As recently as the beginning of last year the family of five were residing in a tiny house made of corrugated iron sheet metal with a dirt floor. Now their circumstances are very different.

When 20 families were chosen last year to receive one room, one bathroom home, thanks to financial support from Selavip, Lidia's family were one of the recipients. This year we returned, with a group of obliging volunteers, to build a second room and plaster and paint the family home. Lidia and her family could not be thankful,

Las Flores El Recreo Painting'Before we had a lot of problems with insects and cold and wet weather but we don't notice any of that anymore. We are so grateful for our new home. Our doors are always open to Constru Casa and the lovely volunteers they bring.'

We look forward to seeing how the family, and the community's, circumstances improve over the coming years as the new house additions means these families can enjoy better health, improved financial outlooks and focus on improving other areas of their lives.  

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