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Jorge Pineda Sales Sumar AlimentosJorge Alberto Pineda can now sleep soundly at night knowing that his family is safe and well provided for. Previously Jorge and his wife Odilia rented one room together with their young children, son Manuel (6) and daughter Estefany (2). In this one room the family of four slept, cooked and ate.

Jorge worried about his young children being around the cooking utensils and disconnecting the portable gas stove. Together with his wife they managed to scrape together enough money to buy a small piece of land but then due to the failing health of her mother Odilia was forced to leave her work at a local eatery. The loss of one income meant the family was unable to afford to build. Jorge struggled to change circumstances for his children as he told Constru Casa,

Jorge Alberto Pineda Sales Alimentos Sumar'I'd love to stop paying rent on the one room and be putting my money into a home I can leave for my children.'

Together with Alimentos Sumar we were delighted to make Jorge’s dream come true this year by building a two room home and bathroom for the family and they couldn’t be more grateful, as Jorge told us

It really is everything I hoped for. This home really has changed our lives.’  

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