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Miriam´s #LuckyYear

Thanks to Home for A Home, this year is a #LuckyYear for Miriam Magdalena and her family in Santa Cruz Balanyá!luckyyearmiriam

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Miriam Magdalena and her husband Tomas live in a small house in Santa Cruz Balanyá, Chimaltenango.  Miriam and Tomas have five children, Tomas Alexander, 15, Laura, 13, Santos David, 10, María de la Cruz, 7, Angel Estuardo, 5, and Rodrigo, 1.  Their house consists of three ¨rooms¨, a kitchen and additional room built from old sheet metal, and dirt floors, and one room built from cement block.  The eight of them sleep together in the cement block room for safety and protection from the wind, rain, and cold. 

Tomas works as a day laborer in the local fields and brings home about Q800 a month (approximately $100). Miriam, even though she stays at home to take care of Angel Estuardo and Rodrigo, occasionally works in the fields when she gets the opportunity, to help IMG 20170207 WA0049bring home an additional Q200 a month to help out. 

Though living in extreme poverty, Miriam and Tomas work hard to make sure that their children can have better lives.  Miriam says, ¨Sometimes, we have to make sacrifices, even if it means hardly eating, but it is worth it if it means that my children can continue studying.  

Miriam´s five year old son, Angel Estuardo, was born without one of his feet and with webbed fingers.  Since Angel was born, he has required several surgeries.  Miriam told us that Angel currently needs surgery because the bone has continued growing and is causing him a lot of pain.  ¨When Angel was born, people told me to abandon him.  That he would only take our limited resources away from our older children.  It´s true.  My older children aren´t at fault.  But we have to keep fighting for everyone,¨ says Miriam. 

Through the help of Home For a Home, and it´s generous donors, Constru Casa was able to build a new home, complete with a new fuel efficient Chispa stove and Sawyer water filter for Miriam´s family.  Mariam says, ¨We are so grateful.  This house is a blessing.  My oldest children are 13 and 15.  They need their own space.  They have different needs.  This house will help us t

ake a step forward.¨

For Q1,500 a month (or approximately $200), you can help build a house for a family like Miriam´s.  Sign up today for your monthly donation and make this a #LuckyYear for a family in need!


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