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House #1,000 is coming soon! Family #1,000 is Francisco Monroy, in Aldea El Hato.  Read on to find out more about family #1,000! 

Francisco, his wife Irma, and their ten children, ages 1 to 20, all lived together in a two room house made out of fiber board in a small aldea near El Hato. After several rainy seasons, the house is deteriorating and does not provide much protection from the cold, wind, and rain. 

Francisco makes around $250 a month19959072 1571221212901232 5769403229402451617 n and works several jobs to provide food for his children. Francisco is also actively involved in his church and neighborhood organization. 

Alex Galvez, the founder and director of the association Transitions, presented this family personally to us. Alex told us, ¨Francisco is so humble and sincere. He and his family are always dirty, not because they want to be, but because they are always busy working as hard as they can. Whether it is for food, or to find money to improve the neighborhood church, they do the best they can.¨

We have been so impressed by Francisco´s hard work, but most of all, by his joy. 

Thank you so much to Asociacion Transiciones for introducing us to Francisco and to Asociacion de Hondureños Residentes en Guatemala for their generous donation of the majority of the funds for Francisco´s house. 

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