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Newsletter- December 2014

We have had a busy year! School openings, the completion of houses, floors, ongoing projects and the celebration of our tenth year.




Dear friends of Constru Casa,

Flag waving boyAs our tenth year in operation comes to close we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your ongoing support and wish you a lovely festive season and New Year.

Last month we celebrated the tenth year anniversary of Constru Casa and what a busy year it has been! This year alone we have constructed 77 houses, 10 floors and 15 community buildings to date. We hope to construct another 2 more houses in November and possibly 3 in December, depending upon donations, bringing us closer to our goal for 100 houses for the year.Here’s to many more decades of building better lives in Guatemala with your help! 

All the best

The Constru Casa Team 

Current Projects 


Chuchinamit school

October brought the completion of Stage 1 of Chutinamit, one of our biggest community construction projects to date. In conjunction with the Mil Milagros organization a room and bathroom has now been built for each of the 22 houses with connections to running water provided by Mission Guatemala. The community school was completed in the second week of November and is now ready for the enrolment of 23 primary school students. Stage 2 of the construction commences in January with plans for an additional room to each house and stage 3 will make the house complete with the third room. We also have plans to add a school kitchen, public bathroom, a school office and playground depending on donations. You can see the current progress photos on our Facebook page here


Houses for Susana Avila and Rosario Piy Susana Avila termino

Construction has finished on houses for the families of Susana Avila and Rosario Piy. Both families previously lived in houses with dirt flooring and lamina walls and are thrilled to now have solid houses of block.

A a big thank you goes to our volunteers for this project- Chip and Scott from the United States and Maarten from Belgium. 


10 Floors for 10 families in Solola

Piso en SololaThis month has also seen us working with nonprofit Starfish One-By-One to complete the construction of 10 new floors for 10 families in the department of Solola. It is important to note how big a difference a new floor makes to families lives. These floors replace dirt flooring that was cold and often muddy during the wetter months. With new flooring there is a reduction in health issues, children are sicker less often, and there is an overall improvement in hygiene enabling children to live healthier lives and focus more on their education. 


Inaugration of Beleju

Beleju ClassroomIn Beleju, Quiche, we celebrated the inauguration of 4 new classrooms. The community is thrilled to have proper classrooms to educate their children in. One teacher expressed his appreciation saying "I haven't taught in a proper classroom made of block in 4 years. I am so excited!" 

A big thanks to our partner organization Miracles In Action for their tremendous support! 


Inaugration of Samox

Samox ClassroomAt the beginning of October we attended the inauguration of five new classrooms in Samox, San Lucas, Coban. The five classrooms complete the primary school in Samox which has 180 students between the ages of 6-13. The old classrooms were made of wood, which had to be rebuilt each year. The new classrooms promise to be safer and more secure, encouraging students to continue their education.

This project was completed through the collaboration of Stichting KinderprojectenGuatemala, Wilde Ganzen, and Stichting Los Niños...A big thank you to these organizations for their continued partnership!

Our 10 Year Goal

We set the goal high at the beginning of this year with the aim of completing 100 houses to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. To date we have completed 77 houses, 15 community buildings (bringing us to 92 constructions) and 10 floors. We currently working on 2 more houses in November and have plans for another 3 in December.

Volunteer in 2015!School kids

 2015 is going to be a big year! Our volunteer calendar (found on our website here) is filling up quickly. Please get in touch with our Volunteer Coordinator soon to begin planning the logistics for you or your group. We look forward to having you here in Guatemala! For more information about how you can be involved email us at:


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