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10 Rooms for family homes in El Recreo

Santa Maria de Jesus kidsLast year in partnership with Selavip we built 20 family homes in the community of Las Flores, El Recreo. Prior to this the large families, with up to 7 members, had been living in cramped inadequate conditions often forced to sleep in one room homes with sugarcane walls and dirt floors. The families were exceedingly grateful for their new one room, one bathroom concrete block homes. This year we returned to build ten much needed second rooms for ten families.

Lidia Liseth Poron, one of the recipients with a family of five remarked ‘We are so grateful to Constru Casa for our new home. Our doors are always open to them and the lovely volunteers they bring.’ Another recipient, Claudia Yapan, commented that the family now has sufficient space and can live more harmoniously together.

We were delighted to have recently had a representative from Selavip visit us to see first-hand the homes built in Las Flores and talk to the families. Now we have commenced our next joint project – 35 homes for underprivileged families in San Maria de Jesus.

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