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Newsletter - June 2015

Chutinamit GirlsThe last few months have brought summery weather and the commencement of many exciting Constru Casa community projects, including a secondary school for Niños de Guatemala in Ciudad Vieja, the addition of a sports area to El Esfuerzo school in Chimaltenango, a San Pedro preschool kitchen and a community park in the remote village of Ceylan with Vamos Adelante. 

Catch up on all our latest projects and events in the Constru Casa June Newsletter. 

Newsletter June 2015


Dear Friends of Constru Casa,

Our latest projects reflect Constru Casa’s focus on assisting those in need in a holistic manner. We hope to change living conditions at the community level by empowering community members- through building homes, schools, communal areas and offering complementary healthcare, education and community development programs in partnership with local social organizations.

On a separate note, in April we celebrated National Volunteer Day (in the United States and Canada) and Day of the Construction Worker (in Guatemala). A big thank you and gracias to both of these groups who enable us to improve the lives of countless Guatemalans!

All the best,

The Constru Casa Team


Chutinamit B3 vol

In Chutinamit, one of our most successful community projects, work has progressed rapidly over recent months and we have now finished phase 2. All 22 family homes have a second room, the community center and school offices are finished and a playground and basketball court are proving popular with the local kids. A big thank you to our tireless Builders Beyond Borders (B3) volunteers, partner organization Mil Milagros and the ever supportive Badgett Playhouse, volunteers and donors. Our hope is to begin Chutinamit phase 3, the addition of third rooms to family homes, later this year.

35 Homes in Santa María de Jesús

In El Recreo, San Miguel Dueñas we have also been busy adding much needed second rooms to family homes. Twenty homes were built here last year in partnership with Selavip. We recently returned to add ten second rooms to these homes. We have also secured support from Selavip to develop another large scale community project, in partnership with Corazon de los Niños, building 35 family homes in Santa Maria de Jesus. With the support of our University of Nebraska-Lincoln and University of Ohio State volunteers we were able to begin the first ten of these homes in May.

Latest News

We are delighted to welcome the addition of Julie Boileau to our Constru Casa team in the role of General Manager. Julie brings a wealth of experience having worked in a range of international locations for nonprofit organizations and we are delighted to have her onboard!

Upcoming Events

June 6 - Caoba Farmers Market and Fundraising Raffle 

Join us at the Summer Caoba Farms market and enjoy delicious food, drinks and live music. We'll also be holding a fundraising raffle and giving away some fantastic prizes, including a Caoba Farms hamper and tour.

June 26 - Inauguration of Phase 2 El Recreo, San Miguel Dueñas

We join with our partner organizations Las Flores, Corazon de los niños and the San Miguel Dueñas community in celebrating the addition of much needed second rooms to ten family homes.

June 29 - Trivia Night at Reilly's en la Esquina

Test out your trivia skills and raise money in a fun night at Reilly's en la Esquina in Antigua. All welcome and 10% of total sales of the night go directly towards helping us build better lives for Guatemalans in need.

Keep up with our upcoming events on our events page here

Samox header

Off a long dirt road next to a steep hillside lies the rural farming village of San Lucas Samox. This small picturesque village is home to 120 families of Mayan decent who speak Spanish as a second language. These families rely on seasonal incomes through growing and harvesting coffee, corn, beans and cardamom. The community is extremely impoverished and the majority of families live in houses made of wood planks with scrap metal roofs and dirt floors. 

Samox familyIn 2010 we built three secondary school classrooms for the community with backing from Stichting Kinderprojecten Guatemala (SKG). Last year, with support from SKG, Los Niños and the Wilde Geese Foundation we built five primary school classrooms for the 180 students between the ages of 4 to 13. 

Now we would like to further assist the community through building 51 homes for impoverished families. These homes would mean an improvement in the health of the community, an improved economic situation and greater education and job prospects. As the families currently cook over open wood fires and have no means of purifying their water we are also aiming to provide all 51 families with fuel efficient stoves and water filters. As in all communities we assist, following construction we would carry out a four year follow-up and support program, in partnership with the local committee to ensure that real change is being made to improve living standards in Samox. 

You can help us build better lives in Samox by donating so that we can help those less fortunate today! 

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