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35 homes in Santa Maria de Jesus

Santa Maria deJesus CC776One of Constru Casa’s biggest achievements in 2015 has been the completion of 35 basic family homes in the community of Santa Maria de Jesus. In this rural community, just 15 minutes from Antigua, close to 60% of families live in poverty. These families eke out a precarious existence on an average income of less than USD200 per month, which is generally required to meet the needs of up to nine family members.

Communal poverty results in illiteracy, health problems and a large housing deficit. The majority of families live in make-shift dwellings, constructed from cardboard, corrugated iron and pieces of wood, exposing them to unhealthy situations, weather extremes and natural disasters.

Now thanks to Constru Casa donors, volunteers, Selavip and Corazon de los Niños 35 of these families have a room and bathroom of solid concrete block. Gregoria Xar Pich, her husband Demetrio and their three children were one of the families to receive a Constru Casa home having previously lived in a two room cane and tin house. As Gregoria says: We are happy with our Constru Casa home. It protects us from the wind and rain.

For this family Constru Casa basic housing is a base for improvement and the first step to breaking the cycle of poverty within their community.

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