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Newsletter - September 2015

Selavip 2015 SantaMariadeJesusThis year seems to have flown by and there are no signs of things slowing down. As we enter the third trimester of 2015 we are wrapping up work on 35 family homes in Santa María de Jesús thanks to Selavip and Corazon de los Niños, finishing off three homes with Alimentos Sumar and beginning the first four homes in Samox. In the area of community constructions work continues on the Ciudad Vieja Niños de Guatemala secondary school and we are putting finishing touches on two preschool classrooms in Berlin, Mixco.

Catch up on all our latest projects in the Constru Casa September Newsletter. 

Newsletter September 2015


Dear Friends of Constru Casa,

Over the upcoming months we’ll be working on phase 3 in Chutinamit, adding final rooms to family homes, and commencing work on three secondary school classrooms in Salquil Grande with Miracles in Action. Our volunteer calendar has plenty of openings for the coming months and now is the perfect time to head to Guatemala and help a family in need. We hope to be able to count on your support over the coming months! 

All the best,

The Constru Casa Team

New pre-school classrooms in Mixco

Berlin 2 preschool classrooms

In July we began building two preschool classrooms and bathrooms for the children of Berlin Mixco, an underprivileged red zone area on the outskirts of Guatemala City. The Berlin preschool currently has 200 children between the ages of 4 to 6 years old. Rosalie (the director) estimates that another 80 children in need can now be accommodated with the new classrooms. This means that these children will finally have a safe place to learn whilst their parents focus on their work. Thanks Stichting Kinderprojecten Guatemala (SKG) and Wilde Ganzen for helping us build these much need classrooms.

Samox Begins!

samox first fourIn our last newsletter we featured the picturesque yet impoverished village of San Lucas Samox in which we hope to be able to build 51 homes for families in need over the next 3 to 5 years. We are aiming to holistically improve conditions in this community by also focusing on health, hygiene and education with the provision of water filters, fuel efficient stoves and composting latrines. Thanks to the generous donor support of Stichting Retourschip from Holland we have begun this project! Unfortunately we currently only have funds for four homes and we need your help to continue. To find out more head to our Sponsor a project page here.

Latest News

chutinamit phase3Beginning of Phase 3 of Chutinamit

On Sunday 23 August the first stone was laid to mark the beginning of Chutinamit phase 3. Over the next few months we’ll be building the first six additional rooms of family homes in the area.

Sponsor a Project

Our new Sponsor a Project page is up and live on our website! So if you are looking for a special community project, curious about what we hope to do next or seeking an ongoing group cause check out our Sponsor a Project page here.

Upcoming Events

The United Nations' (UN) World Habitat Day is annually celebrated on the first Monday of October to reflect on the state of human settlements and people's right to sufficient shelter. Consider donating on this special day to help those less fortunate. All donations go directly to helping families with disability, in partnership with ASOJEF, a new partner organization for Constru Casa.

It's a perfect time to volunteer!

volunteer with brickThe sun has been shining on Guatemala, and we have plenty of homes and community constructions to build – it really is the perfect time to volunteer with Constru Casa. Our volunteer calendar has openings for September to December. Do something different for your vacation this year and help a less fortunate Guatemalan family. To sign up or for more details email

Volunteer Coordinator Opening

Constru Casa is hiring! We are looking for a motivated and outgoing Volunteer Coordinator to join our team here in Guatemala and be the first point of contact for Constru Casa volunteers and visitors. If you'd love to join our team click here for a complete job description.

Asojef banner

Juan Carlos has been blind for the past ten years. He lives with his elderly mother in a house made of corrugated metal, cane stalks and emergency sheeting with a dirt floor. Due to his condition and his mother’s advanced age neither of the pair can work. In 2010 tropical storm Ágatha wiped out their farm causing them to become completely reliant on the support of family members and ASOJEF, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of disabled Guatemalans. Thanks to ASOJEF Juan Carlos’s life has improved through learning daily skills, such as preparing food, reading braille and using an abacus for mathematics.

AsojefSince their formation in 2009 ASOJEF’s aim has been to empower the disabled and facilitate a higher standard of living. Unfortunately they remain woefully underfunded, they still operate out of a family living room, and lack much needed funds to improve the housing of disabled families in the area. We’d love to help ASOJEF and these families. Donate to build new homes for these families today or to find out more email us at

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