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Newsletter March 2016

We just finished our first trimester, and we are really glad to share with you our latest news and our next projects. 

Newsletter- March 2016


Dears Friends of Constru Casa, 

This year has started with a lot of challenges that inspire us and make us think that 2016 will be a great year! The first trimester of the year we have witness smiles, great efforts and, of course, new dreams becoming true for families and communities. 

It is just March but we are really inspired for the upcoming projects that we have plan. Still we know we can do more, so this is why in this newsletter we would like to present you with projects having the potential to drastically improve the quality of life for a lot of people of this amazing country.

We also know that a house is just the first step to make a family’s life better. That is why we want to make our development programs more efficient and keep improving our 4 years follow up program, so that the families use the house properly and provide their children with a better future.

Finally, you are really important to us and we wish to thank you for your support. We hope we can keep having this relationship in the upcoming years in order to continue our support to the Guatemalan people!



Constru Casa Team

New Community Center for TPS 

In the community of El Tejar, in Chimaltenango municipality, we have a great social partner named Technologic Association for Health.  This project is dedicated to build the capacity of women concerning the use of natural medicine and to provide families with cheap alternative technology that can improve their harvest and increase their agricultural productivity such as providing them with cycle powered water pump, irrigation system or compost latrine. More than 396 Kaqchikel women part of the project, develop new abilities, so they can better support economically their families.

As the association was lacking a proper space to give the different classes to the women, Constru Casa saw a construction need for this project.  Along with some volunteers, masons and the people from the association we were able to build a new meeting center for the association.

We are really glad to finish this project and we want to thank all the people that were part of it, so this way the association can continue its valuable work for the Guatemalan women.  We would like to thank the volunteers from Middlebury College, Dunn School, Laura and Taz, Dennis and Colm for their work on the site and their donation. We also would like to especially the Imelda Nolet foundation. Without your help we would not have been able to achieve the great work we did!


Come and help us build better lives in Guatemala! 

An essential part in the construction of our houses and community buildings are our volunteers, without them we wouldn’t be able to continue our job as they all bring great energy that allow us to keep building better lives in Guatemala.

If you are an energetic person and want to change the world, you are the ideal person to volunteer with Constru casa.

There are a lot of families in Guatemala that wants a better life and you can help them! For more information about volunteering, just click here:


Housing project with "La Merced" Church 

Recently “La Merced” Church of Antigua, Guatemala, came to Constru Casa asking for our help with a housing project for people that live in extreme poverty, and gladly, we decided to join.

The church `s area of influence cover two zones where they help more than 70 families that live in extreme poverty conditions, but whose family members are often incarcerated. The idea behind their social work is that they want to prevent the sons and daughters of these families, where one parent is in jail, to follow the same cycle of violence. This is done by offering them a better quality of life and other opportunities that what their parents had. These kids receive psychological care, extracurricular activities, are part of an education program and their school supplies are provided.

We just started building the first two houses of this project, one located in San Felipe de Jesús  (town next to Antigua) and in El Tejar, in Chimaltenango.

In the upcoming days, via our social network sites and our website, we are going to keep you posted about the progress of this project. If you want to help “La Merced” Church project, just click the next link:


Welcome Evelyn!

Constru Casa’s team wants to welcome Evelyn Sandoval that joins us as the new Operation Manager, replacing Sofia Garcia.

After many year of loyal service, Sofia leaves us and through this newsletter we want to thank her great effort and dedication to Constru Casa and wish her good luck in her next journey!

Evelyn joins our team after many years of working for Habitat for Humanity.  She brings expertise and knowledge that will help the team to grow and improve the quality of our work.

Again, welcome Evelyn and it’s great to have you as a new addition to our team.

Evelyn will still be:

Para ponerse en contacto con Evelyn su dirección de correo electrónico es:

Live an adventure in Samox!

Right next to the Coban Municipality we can find the rural area call San Lucas of Samox, in which Constru Casa wishes to build more than 50 houses!  However to accomplish that goal, we need your help!

We wish to be building in Samox in June and in the fall and we are now at finding volunteers for the trip.

Samox is located next to different national parks that are the home to the national bird, the quetzal, the Cavern of Lanquin and close to Semuc  Champey, one of the most beautiful natural lagoons of the world. Our trip will include a few days of construction and visits to these sites. If you want to live an amazing experience as well as helping a thriving community, come and join us!

For more information about the project, visit the next link:


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