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Newsletter December 2016

Another year full of success for our Organization has finished, and we are filled with happiness and gratitude for everyone that has supported us in order to continue building better lives in Guatemala.



Newsletter- December 2016


Dears Friends of Constru Casa, 


Another year full of success for our Organization has finished, and we are filled with happiness and gratitude for everyone that has supported us in order to continue building better lives in Guatemala.

We know that during 2016 new doors have been opened for different families and communities, we were able to build hundreds of smiles, but that our mission and goal still continues. There is still much to do in order to continue helping Guatemalan families that need it the most, and it is because of this that we need your help.

Thank you for your time and help for Constru Casa, we really hope to continue on being a team, just as we were this year.


Happy holidays!



Constru Casa Team

A very special project: Balanyá 2016 


In the framework of World Habitat Day our organization opened the project at Balanyá 2016, where 60 homes were built in the community of Santa Cruz Balanyá, Chimaltenango.

For the construction of this project we would like to thank the Selavip Foundation for their great support and generous financial contribution, just like the Foundación Carlos F. Novella, who donated 1000 bags of cement and to Distribuciones Globales, for of the donation of more doors.

And of course, also, to all the volunteers who were part of the project, like J.D. Sheth Foundation, Claire, Jeevs, Lee, Nick, Claire, Reno, Paul and Amaury. In the same way the community in general for their tremendous support.

We were able to build 60 houses and fulfill the dream of 60 families, indeed, thanks!


Thank you donors and volunteers! 


Want to take this opportunity to thank all our donors and volunteers that were of great support for Constru Casa in 2016.

Thanks to all of you, we had the opportunity to support more than 120 families, and make their dreams come true, which is not only a home but also a safe space to see their children grow and have more prosperity in the future.

These 12 years we have built more than 940 houses, and we know that with your ongoing support we will continue building a better Guatemala. We really appreciate all your support, we are more than grateful.


Latest news! 


Want to share with all you some of the changes in the team of workers in Constru Casa. After a wonderful period of work in Constru Casa, accompanying many volunteers during the year, Giselle Schilperoord has left Constru Casa, and Keith Silverton replaced her as the coordinator of volunteers.

In other news, Julia Boileau and César Delgado have left the team of Constru Casa, because of personal decisions, and we want to thank them very much for their constant support to the organization.

We wish lots of success to Giselle, Julia and Caesar in their future projects: thank you very much!

Some already know Keith (English of origin) that has already acted as Communication Officer in Constru Casa, before which he was a volunteer for 4 weeks where he supported the building of different homes. You can communicate with Keith at Marlon De Leon (Guatemalan) replaced the position in the area of communications, and we welcome him to the team of Constru Casa. You can communicate with Marlon at

Google Giving Week 

We want to give a very especial thank you to James Lange, that helped Constru Casa to be part of Google Giving Week, in which Google employees donate to our organization. 
We feel very grateful for this opportunity and we really want to give a very special thank you to James, again! 



At the end of the year we hope to have built 930 homes and more than 100 community buildings. Great things are expected from Constru Casa in 2017. But the main one is that we have as a goal the construction of house number 1000, and for this we need your support.

With very little you can make a big difference to a family that lives in extreme poverty, which is why any help or donation will be used in order to support these families and help to reach our goal.

Be part of the history of Constru Casa, be part of the House # 1000!

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