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June Newsletter 2017


Last month we were delighted to welcome back Simone Kenny from Australia. Simone has been a serial organiser of volunteer groups for ten years. This time she came with a great group of friends that all donated to, and joined in to help us build two, 3 room houses in San Felipe close to Antigua.  It was always going to be a challenge to get both houses completed in the six days they were here, but these Aussie muckers made it look easy! We are also delighted then that Simone will be coming again in January with a huge group of 35 students from Eltham College in Melbourne. They will continue working in the remote community of Hacienda Vieja that her previous group from Eltham started last year. We can't wait for that! Thank you Simone, and thank you to all your amazing volunteers!








Helping us build better lives has never been easier!  You can now make both one time and monthly donations to Constru Casa via Paypal!  Sign up today to make a small monthly donation and you can make a big difference in the lives of Guatemalan Families living in poverty. 

Many of our families do not have access to a water filter and cook over an open flame.  This leads to both intestinal diseases and parasites, as well as respiratory problems from smoke inhalation.  Women and children are the most affected.   By signing up to donate $25 a month, you can provide a water filter and energy efficient Chispa stove for these families!

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 60 Houses in San Andres Itzapa

We have officially kicked off our project 60 Minimal Houses in San Andres Itzapa!   To date we have built 16 of the 60 houses and we have until the end of July to finish the rest.  We have secured donations from Selavip, Fundación Carlos F. Novella, Spring ArborUniversity, and Nebraska Wesleyan University.  But there is still a long way to go!  


To date we have raised $102,865, but we still need $24,555 to finish the project.

Yorleni, 32, and her husband Pedro, 34, are family number 51 on our waiting list in San Andres Itzapa.  Yorleni is a stay at home mom who dedicates her time to raising their four kids, Wilber, 7, Lilian, 5, Delmy, 2, and Miriam, 8 months.  Pedro is a farmer and makes about $100 a month.  Their house is made of sheet metal with a dirt floor.  When it rains, the house floods, and the noise is so loud that the children can barely study or sleep.  They are hoping to have their new cement block house before the worst of the rainy season in August and September. 

Please donate today to help us make sure that we can build for all 60 families in San Andres Itzapa!

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Building a Legacy for Irma Navichoque

Hector Ixtupe was a healthy 40-year-old man.  He lived with his wife, Irma, for 16 years and they had five children together.  He was a hard worker who did his best to support his family.  In 2013, he was diagnosed with Myasthenia gravis, an autoimmune disease that attacks the neuromuscular system.  His diagnosis came after he experienced significant weakening of his right arm and leg which eventually expanded to his entire body. 

Myasthenia gravis is a disease with a good prognosis and only 3-5% mortality rate in developed countries.  However, in Guatemala, Hector was unable to get the diagnosis and treatment needed in time and his disease progressed to the point in which his body was too weak to allow him to keep breathing.  In 2015, Hector found the Asociación Para Todos, a non-profit organization supporting the diagnosis and treatment of rare illnesses in Guatemala.   However, his disease had progressed and was quite severe.  There was little that the association could do, aside from providing quality of life treatment.

In 2015, Hector passed away, leaving Irma and her five children alone.  She works as a nanny, making $50 a month to take care of the needs of her five children, ages 15, 13, 9, 7, and 5.  The community has surrounded Irma with support, but as the days pass, little by little the support fades away.  Irma told us that sometimes she gets by on one bag of rice to feed her entire family for a week.  In Hector´s absence, Asociación Para Todos has stepped in to help Irma and her family to support her, and in March of this year, they presented the case to Constru Casa in the hopes of providing Irma with a decent and dignified house for her family.

Irma´s family lived in a wood house with a sheet metal roof in Barberena, Santa Rosa, Guatemala.  They had no stove, and everything was prepared over an open flame. Thanks to the generosity of the Asociación de Hondureños Residentes en Guatemala (ADHREGUA), Irma´s family now lives in a three-room concrete block home, complete with a latrine and an energy efficient Chispa Stove.  Irma´s house was the third of three houses built as part of our pilot program with our new alliance with ADHREGUA.  We hope to continue building better lives together for years to come!

 Irma Barberena

Coming Soon! 

We are rapidly approaching the construction of our house #1,000!  Stay alert to find out who we will build for and where it will be! 


Welcome to Nebraska Wesleyan University!


Thank you to our new friends from Wesleyan University. We look forward to welcoming you back with more volunteer groups in the future!

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