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Jeffrey, USA

Jeffrey Rolland and the Ohio State University group share with us their experience about volunteering with Constru Casa in the next video. 


We want to thank you Jeffrey and the Ohio State University, for your commitment and great job, helping us build better lives in Guatemala.

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Volunteer Experience

Volunteer experience1

Zoe, England

Zoe with WatermelonI had the most memorable two weeks in Guatemala volunteering for Constru Casa!

After 15 hours of travel from London, I arrived in Guatemala City, and was soon in Antigua in the house of my host-family, which Contru Casa had organized. My host-mother made me feel so at home and immediately we were conversing in Spanish! The following morning I was met by the volunteer coordinator and we were soon on a chicken bus to a town outside of Antigua.

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Ben, Holland

Volunteer Ben with Carlos Hello, my name is Ben Huisman, I'm from Holland and I worked for 4 weeks as a Constru Casa volunteer (from May to June). I already knew of Constru Casa as I volunteered with them six years ago. At that time it was a much smaller organization. The office was situated in the house of the founder, Carolina van Heerde, in Antigua. Whilst I was there we celebrated the construction of the 300th house with a party attended by the Dutch in-country Ambassador. 

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Scott, United States

Volunteer Scott with the construction workers "What a trip! My Dad and I volunteered with Constru Casa for a couple weeks to help build a house for a poor Guatemalan family outside of Antigua. I was a little apprehensive of what our living conditions would be like during our local homestay, but my Dad and I both later commented on how surprisingly comfortable it ultimately turned out to be. Having a clean, comfortable (and quiet) place to sleep at night was REALLY helpful after spending the day performing labor at the build site.

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Jesse, United States

jesseFrom the first camioneta en route to the project near Panajachel to the goodbyes at the end of the two weeks, my time with Constru Casa was both memorable and influential.

I came to Guatemala with my friend Beth and we both wanted to work in a rural area, which led us to San Andres Semetebaj, a short ride from Panajachel in the back of a pickup truck packed with 21 other people.

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Georgia, United States

Georgia 1My experience in Guatemala was amazing, and I will never forget it. 

As I was getting ready to return home to California, I realized that I wanted to stay in Antigua. Everyone in Antigua was so friendly, and always willing to work with me as I attempted to speak in Spanish, although for the most part it was broken Spanish. I am a senior in High School and this trip made me think about how fortunate I am. I was so lucky to be able to build a house for a family who is less fortunate than me.

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Emmett, United States


My name is Emmett and I recently spent seven weeks volunteering with ConstruCasa. Those seven weeks I can only describe as incredible: incredibly hard at times, incredibly fun at others, but definitely incredibly rewarding.

My first placement was in Hacienda Vieja, Quetzaltenango, a very rural setting and something I had requested of ConstruCasa so I could see more of the country and get a balanced view of Guatemalan lifestyles. 

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Randall Lim

Volunteer Randall 2If I could summarize my whole experience in Guatemala using two simple words, it'd be "Life-changing".

At first I wasn't too sure what to expect but email correspondences with the Constru Casa volunteer coordinator prior to my arrival had been very helpful and made planning a whole lot simpler. During my time in Guatemala, I've been greeted by an overwhelmingly number of friendly locals with their warm hearts. I really could not have found a better place to volunteer and help a local family.

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Kelsey Arends

Kelsey Arends 2I worked with Constru Casa while on an international trip with a service learning organization at my university in Nebraska, USA. The week I spent working with the family, masons, and Constru Casa organizers was incredible.

Constru Casa truly empowers the families they work with and allows volunteers to connect with the families they are serving alongside. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to construct, with the guidance of Victor, a talented local mason, and alongside an incredible family, a new place to start and grow.

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