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Raul Nogueira -Spain

raul-nogueiraSince I was a child I wanted to be a volunteer but I had never dared to do it. In the last six months I have realized that the world is changing and we have to change with it and the most important thing is: we have to live the present, don´t think about the past nor the future, don´t focus on your future expectations, to live at the present moment. So I made the decision to change my life.

I had hesitations before the trip- not about the experience, I knew it would be incredible- but my hesitations were about the home stay/ would there be electricity, or hot water? I arrived on Sunday night and as soon as I met Anabella (my Host Mum) I didn´t have any hesitation. For me she is important in my experience, I felt like I was at home, I was like one of her sons and the house had all its conveniences.

The following Monday we began the construction of Don José Abel’s house in San Miguel Escobar, a big family by the number (21 people) and by their quality- their humility, and kindness. The interaction with them was very nice- all the family helped, it was gratifying to see how happy are, and how they enjoy the important things in life. I met Oscar and Marcos, the construction workers, big people and big professionals, and I shared good moments with them.

The second week came Ty and Lee, two volunteers from Mississippi that helped us to finish the house, and it was nice to meet them too. We finished the house on Thursday with a big goodbye party. It was a little girl’s birthday so the ConstruCasa team brought a Piñata and it was very funny.

It was a two-week trip. I was travelling alone so I thought that with two weeks it would be enough time, but it was very short and I would have preferred one week more! I used my free time to travel around the impressive country: I saw the cradle of the Maya civilisation in Tikal, Lake Atitlan with Maximón, the Pacaya Volcano, and Chichicastenango´s Market…

The trip was very enriching on all levels. I have lived a one- of- a- kind experience. No travel agency can offer this vacation package: coexistence with a family, learning about their culture, piñata birthday… In summary, it was an unforgettable holiday that I hope to repeat!!! It has been one of the best holidays in my life, I recommend to everybody this experience, you will not regret it and you receive much more than you give.

Thank you so much to ConstruCasa Team, without you, none of this would be possible!!!


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