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Randall Lim

Volunteer Randall 2If I could summarize my whole experience in Guatemala using two simple words, it'd be "Life-changing".

At first I wasn't too sure what to expect but email correspondences with the Constru Casa volunteer coordinator prior to my arrival had been very helpful and made planning a whole lot simpler. During my time in Guatemala, I've been greeted by an overwhelmingly number of friendly locals with their warm hearts. I really could not have found a better place to volunteer and help a local family.

I spent the two weeks building a home for an impoverished family consisting of two parents and seven kids. The Constru Casa house that me and two other volunteers had helped to build was really a huge difference compared with the previous house that they lived in. Four kids no longer had to share a single bed. There now was a place for the kids to study and do their homework. Improved health for each family member due to better living conditions. And the list goes on.

Throughout the years that I've spent backpacking around the world, I can honestly say that these two weeks I spent volunteering has really changed my perspective on things as it's been such an enriching experience having that personal touch with a local Guatemalan family. I would love to travel back and re-connect with the family again later on in the future. I can only imagine by then just how much their lives have changed. To think that it only took so little to greatly change so many lives, my only regret is that I did not volunteer sooner.

I am really grateful for the experience that Constru Casa has provided me to build a house, learn some Spanish, and meet other like-minded volunteers along the way. Thank you!

Volunteer Randall

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