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Georgia, United States

Georgia 1My experience in Guatemala was amazing, and I will never forget it. 

As I was getting ready to return home to California, I realized that I wanted to stay in Antigua. Everyone in Antigua was so friendly, and always willing to work with me as I attempted to speak in Spanish, although for the most part it was broken Spanish. I am a senior in High School and this trip made me think about how fortunate I am. I was so lucky to be able to build a house for a family who is less fortunate than me.

Georgia and family of Rosa Martinez cc634Building the house was one the toughest things I’ve done in my life, but it was by far the most rewarding. I never complained, and I was always willing to try something new. I cut and broke a lot of cinder blocks. I made cement with dirt and rocks. I carried cinder blocks, that got heavier as the week progressed. I dug holes in the ground. I also carried buckets of cemento, otherwise known as cement, to the masons and the other workers.

Working with Constru Casa was incredible… they have the process down to a science. It takes them about 2 weeks to build one house. The two houses that my group started were completed in 8 days. I was lucky to be able to work with awesome masons who tried to lighten the mood daily. I have bruises on my body, but they made the whole experience feel real. The trip with my school forced me to speak in Spanish even at times when I was uncomfortable. It made me a more confident Spanish speaker. I came home with a new outlook on life, and a different view of the world.

Thank you,

Georgia Arnatou
Dunn School


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