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Jacob, United States

I arrived in Guatemala with little expectations. I knew I was going to help build a house and that was all. Constru Casa provided me with the game plan. I arrived at the construction site on my first day to discover my new job (temporary) and meet my new friends (forever).

The two masons, Victor and Reginaldo, the apprentice, Herson, and I built a two-bedroom house in six hard-working days. Throughout the week, the workers and I grew closer. My favorite activity was our daily lunch exchange. Victor, Reginaldo, and I would bring in different food items (meats, cheese, beans, rice, etc.) and share over a large bag of tortillas. Manuela, the owner of the new house, also gave us a hand carrying large concrete blocks. She was always smiling. Over the weekend, I was treated to a special day by the masons Victor and Reginaldo. Reginaldo brought me to his house in a nearby town, where we enjoyed tamales for breakfast. From his house, we biked to Victor’s house were we enjoyed “churasco,” a Guatemalan steak meal that was filled with flavor. This day was special to me. Not only did Constru Casa provide me with the opportunity to build a house and help a family, it provided me with a chance to make lifelong friends.

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