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Ty and Lee New

ty and lee new“So Dad this means we don’t have to eat beans any more, right?” a young boy excitedly asked his father.  “Well of course we do son, this is Guatemala, and we’ll always eat beans,” the father replied. “Why do you ask?”

“Because,” the boy exclaimed, “now we’re rich!”

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Raul Nogueira -Spain

raul-nogueiraSince I was a child I wanted to be a volunteer but I had never dared to do it. In the last six months I have realized that the world is changing and we have to change with it and the most important thing is: we have to live the present, don´t think about the past nor the future, don´t focus on your future expectations, to live at the present moment. So I made the decision to change my life.

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Kara Cavel


I was both excited and nervous to participate in a service trip with 9 college-aged students.

I had never traveled to Central America, did not know how to speak Spanish, and did not know what to expect.  But, I was excited to see and experience a new culture and to learn more about myself and those I was traveling with. 

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Ron Sack

IMG 2363Volunteer Ron Sack described his work experience as strenuous but very rewarding.

“I really felt a part of the Project. I worked on three different houses, so I saw many stages of construction. I felt like we made a difference in the lives of the three families. The construction workers on the site where great! They gave us the opportunity to try all types of work. The families were very friendly."

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Jacob, United States

I arrived in Guatemala with little expectations. I knew I was going to help build a house and that was all. Constru Casa provided me with the game plan. I arrived at the construction site on my first day to discover my new job (temporary) and meet my new friends (forever).

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#ShareSmiles Volunteer Experience

Jenny tell us about her experience volunteering with Constru Casa in the Balanyá community, where she was part of a group that helped build 10 houses.

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Amaury´s #LuckyMonth!


Amaury from Belgium tells us about his #LuckyMonth visiting Guatemala.  He shares his experience building better lives for three families in Santa Cruz Balanyá, building a school in Cuidad Vieja, all the while exploring the sites of Guatemala on the weekends!

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