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Geovani Zuñiga


Geovani has been working with Constru Casa since 2009. He started as a general messenger visiting families and social work projects, and his role has evolved into Social Work Assistant. Geovani’s responsibilities include managing family payments, visiting families and social work organizations, delivery and introduction to our water filter and stove programs, and much more.

Geovani has experience working in a clinic, in sales often going on client visits and networking. He became involved with Constru Casa when he met founder, Caroline Van Heerde, through his work in organizing an annual Christmas dinner for various Indigenous groups.

When asked why he works for Constru Casa, he says: “I am very familiar with the situation of extreme poverty in Guatemala and have learned how to relate to people who are subject to it through previous work experiences. I wish to be of help the families and our organization. I feel compassionate for my work and enjoy each interaction with beneficiary family.”



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