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Constru Casa works with a number of social organizations in Guatemala. These organizations work in the areas of education, health-care and community development; some are daycare centers, schools, clinics or community committees. Constru Casa always selects beneficiary families in co-operation with these local partner organizations. For these organizations, housing and construction work is not their main objective. Constru Casa complements their mission by offering simple houses to affiliated people who live in extreme poverty.

This collaboration is what makes Constru Casa unique and is the most important mark of our initiative. The idea is that the impact of a new house is significantly enhanced if a family is already part of another social organization helping to improve their lives. Constru Casa’s goal is that the new house and the health-care, educational or social work provided reinforce one other and are the impetus to lift a family out of poverty.

In addition to working with partner organizations, we strongly believe that beneficiary families should contribute to their house. The house should not be seen as a gift, but the family should collaborate with the cost and build of the house. Constru Casa achieves this first through the participation of at least one family member in the construction. Secondly, the families pay a contribution of 35% of the total cost of the construction of their house. The amount of the contribution depends on the financial situation of the individual family and the type of house, and is determined in consultation with the social worker of the social partner organization. The families pay their contribution monthly during a period of four years. After the construction, they also participate in special programs organized in cooperation with the social partner organizations (follow-up meetings, accompaniment).

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