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Community Buildings

Constru Casa also supports partner organizations through community development and construction. Community constructions are buildings with a social or communal function, often in the areas of health or education, that benefit the community as a whole. This includes school buildings, libraries, day care centers, community centers, medical clinics, orphanages and recreational areas.

In conjunction with community constructions we offer services ranging from initial consulting and needs assessment to the building design, construction supervision, to project management. This includes administration and time-scheduling, design and elaboration of plans, financial management, budget control, construction execution and supervision, quality control and reporting to donors. Financing and fundraising for these projects is the responsibility of the partner organizations or donors financing the project. Constru Casa charges a minimal amount for its services (around 10% of the total budget), which is used to cover overhead costs.

Local organisations sometimes approach Constru Casa to help build a new community building, such as a school or medical clinic. In these instances an extensive assessment survey is carried out taking into account the responsible commitee, organization of the community, legal issues, the financial situation (building costs and beneficiary contributions), community impact and developmental opportunities. The local community and organisation's commitment to the project is key to a successful operation.


Community Construction Costs


School, of 2 classrooms: $ 19,500

An additional classroom: $ 9.650

Sports Area (for a school or in a community): $ 9.000

Playground Area: $ 2.900

Community Center (salón): $ 16.100

Kitchen (1 room 4x4 m): $3.050

Bathroom (with shower and toilet): $ 1.250

Latrine: $ 625


        Note: All costs are an approximate and dependent on currency exchange rates. 

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