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Eco-block Option

ecoblockConstru Casa has recently added the option to build using eco-friendy blocks from Interblocker.

These eco-friendly blocks:

  • Are made of 95% clay and sand and 5% natural binding agglomerates.
  • Are completely non-toxic.
  • Have no cement nor have to be in the oven to be cured, instead they are heavily pressed for strength and shape.
  • Utilize an interlocking shape to enable interconnecting without the use of cement motar. 
  • Have stronger compression strength (65 kg/cm2) than the standard concrete cinderblock (35 kg/cm2).
  • Allow tubes and electrical wiring to be hidden in two holes. Aside from this they are a solid block. 
  • Regulate the inside moisture levels in a house better than concrete, so a house stays drier in wet periods and condesation of water in the house is prevented. 
  • Are fungus-resistent due to high block PH levels (between 7 and 8,5). 
  • Provide better sound-proofing than hollow Cinderblocks due to their solid structure.
  • They are natural regulators of warmth and cold.
  • Are bullet proof. A nine mm bullet is unable to penetrate an ecoblock.
  • Visually appealing.  

For more information see the Interblocker website


Design Price
Dis Design (3 bedrooms, 1 living room and bathroom) Q62,000 (approx. $8,200)
3 bedroom and bathroom Q49,000 (approx. $6,500)

Latest News

This March, Constru Casa celebrated its 13th birthday, and we know that thirteen will be our #LuckyYear.  To date, Constru Casa has built over 975 houses, and 2017 will be the year that we reach house #1,000!

With your help, we can also make 2017 a #LuckyYear for families living in extreme poverty in Guatemala.  For a small monthly donation you can make a big difference in the lives of one of our families. 

Did you know that for just $25 a month you can provide a kitchen package to a family in need?  With your donation, Constru Casa can provide an energy efficient stove and water filter drastically improving the health and living conditions of a family in need. 

Click below for more information about our monthly donations. 

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Family Story

Miriam´s #LuckyYear

Thanks to Home for A Home, this year is a #LuckyYear for Miriam Magdalena and her family in Santa Cruz Balanyá!luckyyearmiriam

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Amaury´s #LuckyMonth!


Amaury from Belgium tells us about his #LuckyMonth visiting Guatemala.  He shares his experience building better lives for three families in Santa Cruz Balanyá, building a school in Cuidad Vieja, all the while exploring the sites of Guatemala on the weekends!

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Latest News

March Newsletter 2017

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Thank you to our friends Theo, Camille, David, and Ellen.  Through your hardwork and dedication, you made Cesar and Lilian´s dream house a reality.


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