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Thanks for your interest in volunteering and fundraising for Constru Casa! Please download our Fundraising Kit and Manual to start planning ways to raise money. You can start your own online campaign to share your fundraising goals with friends and family. Click on the links below to get started! 

All of our work is funded entirely through your donations. THANK YOU!

fundraisingAs a non-profit, non-government organization, the invaluable work of Constru Casa in constructing homes and providing a holistic approach to lifting families out of poverty- through support in health, education and social work programs- relies heavily on outside contributions. The hard work, dedication and donations provided by our supporters are integral to the functioning of Constru Casa and our ability to fulfill our mission. The cost of a complete three-room house with toilet and shower is $5,500 USD/ EU 4,950. We encourage all our volunteers to try and raise a $500 USD /EU 450 contribution to the house they work on in Guatemala. 

We want to support you every step of the way toward reaching your fundraising goal. You can download our Fundraising Kit and Fundraising Manual which are full of great fundraising ideas, presentations, and information. Additionally, if requested we are happy to supply photos and stories of the families who are waiting for their new homes. You can also create your own online campaign to easily share with your friends, family and local community to help reach your goal and even surpass your fundraising expectations. 

It is important that all volunteers, fundraisers and donors understand that their contribution goes directly to the construction of a home, and not to any administrative overhead, which we keep to a minimum. The funds donated go directly towards buying materials such as block and cement, or towards the labor cost of the local Guatemalan masons who assist volunteers on every construction. 

The support of people like you is a crucial aspect to Constru Casa's success. To date we have built more than 1100 houses for Guatemalans in extreme poverty, and this largely could not have been achieved without the spirit and activism of our dedicated . We hope that you join us in meeting the challenge of addressing poverty and inadequate housing in Guatemala.


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