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Since 2004 we’ve built over 800 homes and over 90 community buildings for Guatemalan suffering from extreme poverty. Help us continue building better lives in Guatemala by sponsoring a project.

Holistic Community Projects

Vamos Adelante

Hacienda Vieja 

Community Constructions

Pajales School
Vuelta El Mango School
Vijolom Sports Field


Vamos Adelante - Holistic Community Project

We are very excited to work with the "Vamos Adelante" holistic community project. We have been partnering for many years with them. We have worked in Ozuna, Ceylan and other communities; in which it has been possible to build: Schools, sports centers and playgrounds.

We are working in the "Departmento of Escuintla, Guatemala" which is located in the south of Guatemala. Our donors Kelli Campbell, who is supporting us to build schools. We also have to mention our other donor Beat Strüber who is supporting us in the construction of houses. Kelli and Beat play a very important role in this project because through the donations they give we are able to support families in these communities. 

The fact of building schools benefits the communities in different ways. Through education people can progress and have a better future. Education opens the mind to new possibilities, and creates an environment of progress especially in developing countries such as Guatemala. We believe in this project, just like our donors, we want to see a Guatemala with opportunities for all alike.

The purpose and our vision is: To continue working with them and as a result be able to impact more lives of families living in extreme poverty.

If you want to be part of this project please contact us at For us it will be a pleasure to answer any questions that you may have. 

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 Hacienda Vieja

Hacienda Vieja is a village located near the Guatemalan coast that lacks of housing. Constru Casa already helped the community with the construction of a schools and a sports fields, but now the biggest necessity is houses. Right now there are 15 families trying to build their house, and that way they can have a better future for their children. The people that live in Hacienda Vieja are farmers and they hope that this project can help develop their town. 





Pajales School

We have the desire to work with the Pajales School, which is located in Chicaman, Quiche. We have the challenge to build 6 classes, sports centers, and at the same time provide stoves and water filters. With your help we will be able to change the lives of many families living in extreme poverty.

We are looking forward to work with the Pajales School since we are going to impact the lives of many people through education. In Guatemala people do not have access to education and this creates a vicious circle in which poverty, violence and many social problems increase.

We want to be part of the change of Chicaman village in Quiche. We know that alone we can not achieve it, that is why we need your help.

Purpose - Build 6 classes, sports centers, provide stoves and water filters.

If you want more information about Escuela Pajales please send an email to It will be a pleasure for us to answer your questions.

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Vuelta El Mango School

Vuelta El MangoVuelta El Mango desperately needs a school for their 263 students. Several years ago the community teachers, local council and parents raised enough money to begin building three classrooms. Unfortunately these classrooms remain unfinished due to a lack of funds and support from other sources. Unless we help this community their situation is likely to remain the same despite a demonstrated desire to progress and see their children receive education. The community demonstrates a desperate need for this school. They have demonstrated that they wish to progress and wish to see their children receive education, but they do not have sufficient means to provide the children with a school building. They have been unable to find the funds which would enable them to have a proper school and there has arrived no other support from other sources, which means the situation will remain the same if they don’t receive our help.


Vijolom Sports Field

VijolomThis region was hit hard by the Guatemalan civil war that ended in 1996. During this period whole villages in the area were destroyed and burnt to the ground. Schools and education in the region suffered neglect and mismanagement. Over recent years thanks to generous donations and volunteer support Constru Casa has been able to build a much needed school for the village of Vijolom. This school is now in full use and a much valued asset for the community. Unfortunately it is still missing a sports field. We'd love to return to this area and complete the project we started. 



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