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Constru Casa works in alliance with social partner organizations to provide a holistic approach to lifting families and communities out of extreme poverty, beginning with the provision of basic housing and continuing through health and education programs. 

Constru Casa receives support from different donors including individuals, companies, churches and foundations. Without their support it wouldn't be possible to complete our construction, health care and education projects and to help the families and communities in Guatemala.

Constru Casa also works directly with different private companies, that have social responsability programs, from all around the world. If your company is willing to support us, you can contact Constru Casa via e-mail, 

We would like to sincerely thank all of the volunteers, Universities, Colleges, High Schools, churches, organizations and companies for their support of our work! This support comes from all over the world and in many forms. Below is a list of our many supporters, without whom we wouldn’t be able to continue our work.

The United States

In the United States we receive support from various individuals, groups, organizations and corporations:

  • A Home for A Home
  • Perry Reid - company for community development
  • Minihan Productions
  • Badgett Playhouse
  • The Village Cooperative, Inc.
  • Pathway Baptist Church
  • Gregory Church
  • Los Olivos Rotary Club
  • Chateau Development.
  • University of Nebraska
  • Wesleyen College, Lincoln Nebraska
  • Boston College of Business
  • Penn State University
  • UCC Church
  • Kent State University
  • JD Sheth Foundation
  • Ohio State University
  • Spring Arbor University
How can we work together to build better lives in Guatemala?

Constru Casa is constantly looking for partners and donors, specifically in the United States. There are different ways to help us to carry out our mission: your company, college, university, high school, church group or any other institution can help us through donations or to subsidy Constru Casa's work. We also encourage forming a group of volunteers and come to Guatemala to help in the construction of a house for a family or in a school project: a very special way to collaborate and effective in 'team building' programs. If you are interested, please read more about the volunteer program and potential itineraries in our volunteer section.

The average cost of a finished three room home for a family is $5,500 USD (approximate depending on current exchange rates). Should your company, church, student group or Foundation wish to collaborate with Constru Casa, please contact us at

It is always possible to help a specific family or project with your specific donation; we will always inform you about the use of your donation and will provide you a full report of the finished project.


In Guatemala we receive support from local companies and foundations:

  • Carlos F. Novella Foundation - donation of cement
  • Distribuidores Globales - donation of door panels
  • Acuario - discount on construction materials and use of a storage area to store donated materials
  • Association of Hondurens Living in Guatemala (ADHREGUA)

Our partner social work organizations financially support many of our local projects:

  • Selavip
  • Association Guatemala-Centroamerica and project Vamos Adelante
  • Common Hope Foundation
  • Tess Unlimited
  • Niños de Guatemala
  • Mil Milagros
  • Miracles in Action
  • El Amor de Patricia
  • De La Gente

We work on social housing projects with the following local companies focused on social responsibility:

  • Alimentos Sumar
  • Ecofiltro
  • Estufas Chispa
  • HFT

You can help us providing discounts on materials or donation of construction materials, building tools, or office supplies. We offer volunteer programs and social housing programs specifically for Guatemalan companies and organizations. For more information contact us.


In Holland we receive support from many individuals, companies and foundations:

  • Mano - company for community development in Rotterdam
  • Stichting Kinderprojecten Guatemala - Foundation that helps educational projects in Guatemala

We receive help from these Dutch Foundations:

  • Wilde Ganzen (Wilde Geese)
  • Marrthe van Rijswijk Foundation
  • Stichting Sunbows X
  • Stichting ASN Foundation
  • Stichting Dr. Hofstee
  • Stichting Weeshuis der Doopsgezinden
  • Kiwanis Sint Niklaasland (Belgium)
  • Lionsclub "De Liemers"
  • Stichting Destino

You can help us with donations or volunteer in the construction of a home or school project. Read more about these programs and our Dutch partners here.

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