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Joey Juffermans

 MG 1655 Selfportrait v2I came across Constru Casa unexpectedly in 2007. After finishing and having worked several years as a design engineer at a nationwide engineering firm, I wanted to get involved in construction in a different way as well. Volunteering, or building houses, was the ideal way to accomplish this. In addition to this ideal, I also wanted to ‘travel and see the world’. Commundo Foundation (a partner of Constru Casa) offered this combination: two weeks of volunteering and a trip through Guatemala.

Those three weeks in Guatemala meant my first trip to another continent, as well as the most impressive trip. Next to my admiration for what Carolien achieved with Constru Casa, Guatemala was immortalized in my memories: as was the hospitality and friendliness of the host family, the family and the workers of Constru Casa, as well as the contradiction of poverty among the population and the country’s wealth of natural and cultural history.
In 2014 a call was made in the newsletter for people who wanted to strengthen the board. This to me seemed a great opportunity to further the involvement in the good work that Constru Casa does, and to now be active as board member of Communications.

Would you be interested to help out in Guatemala and join us? Any help and ideas are welcome at for a brief job, PR action, or organizing an event or fundraiser.

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