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Nicolette van Welzen

"Next to my job as a plan economist, my passion is to travel the world. It was this passion that got me into contact with Constru Casa in 2010. In the beginning of 2010 I told my colleague Folkert about a three month trip I had planned to, amongst others, Guatemala. Enthousiasticly he told me about his visit to Guatemala and his contribution to the construction of a house there. It turned out he used to be a colleague of Carolien, back when she was working in the Netherlands. In addition, I found out that I had met her before in a work related setting. Folkert had kept in touch with her, and even paid her a visit after his long cycling trip through North- and Central-America. This is how I heard about Constru Casa. Through Folkert, I also got news about Caroliens new born baby.

One thing led to another and sure enough, off I went, in March 2010, to visit Carolien and her baby. In my suitcase, I carried a gift from Folkert and his wife Lineke to hand over to Carolien. Directly upon arrival I visited her and, next to a wonderful maternity visit, we got to talking about her work at Constru Casa. As a result, we travelled back to Antigua after our trip to meet Carolien again and visit some of the projects of Constru Casa. This experience had more impact on me than I had expected. Because of a recent volcano eruption and a tropical storm, streets were filled with ashes in Guatemala City. In Antigua there were no ashes, but mudstreams filled a nearby street with houses full of mud. Carolien directly provided emergency help, through which our admiration for her and her work at Constu Casa grew even more."

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Amaury´s #LuckyMonth!


Amaury from Belgium tells us about his #LuckyMonth visiting Guatemala.  He shares his experience building better lives for three families in Santa Cruz Balanyá, building a school in Cuidad Vieja, all the while exploring the sites of Guatemala on the weekends!

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