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Ranferí Vásquez



Ranferi is Constru Casa’s Project Manager and is responsible for all aspects of our construction projects. He manages the masons, takes care of the purchase and delivery of the construction materials, oversees construction and generates plans for each house or building.

Ranferi has been a part of the Constru Casa team since 2006. Prior to this, he was the Manager of Production and Machine Maintenance for a company in Guatemala City. He also worked in house construction and textile machinery. Ranferi spent three years working in the United States as a foreman on many different construction projects and managed his own team of masons. While in the US, Ranferi became proficient in English.

A skilled tradesman, Ranferi holds a degree in masonry and received the highest foreman certification attainable in Guatemala. He is also a certified accountant, mechanic and ironworker.

Throughout his time with Constru Casa, Ranferi has seen and helped Constru Casa to grow and progress. He says, “I am passionate about the cause. Since I was young, I have always been helping people in one way or another. I liked the idea of working for an organization such as Constru Casa, in which I could continue to help people.”

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