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Engineer Leonel Lopéz graduated from the prestigious University of San Carlos De Guatemala in 1991, earning the title of Civil Engineering. Later he obtained a Masters Degree in Systems Mention Construction in the year of 2008. Engineer Leonel has been a fundamental part for Constru Casa since he jointly with Carolina Van Heerde began with the Constru Casa project in 2004. He very kindly offered to provide support with personnel of its construction company to Carolina, and this is how the Constru Casa project starts, which has benefited many Guatemalan families. "I have always seen that many foreigners come to Guatemala to support our people, which is very good. I am always amazed that there are many people who invest their money, time, energy, to come to our country to help. Personally this motivates me to be part of Constru Casa and to support our families, especially those living in extreme poverty. "Engineer Leonel tells us.


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El año de suerte para Miriam

Screen Shot 2017 04 21 at 4.00.51 PM¡Gracias a Home for a Home, este año es un #LuckyYear para Miriam Magdalena y su familia en Santa Cruz Balanyá!

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